Under the Magical Sky

An imaginative girl takes comfort from the stars and moon, until one night a wise lion takes her on a magical journey through the universe. As she learns to open her heart and trust its guidance, she awakens what was lost within and experiences the world in a whole new way.

With evocative black-and-white illustrations designed to stimulate a child’s imagination, Under the Magical Sky is a story of friendship, love, courage, and finding oneself. Readers uncover the hidden lessons along with the characters as the story unfolds. It’s the perfect book for the creative child, emphasizing that magic exists and dreams can come true.

The book instills the core values of honesty, integrity, self-sufficiency, respect, and unconditional love, in a timeless story that will capture the hearts of all readers.

“If you look beyond the stars and the moon, you can go very far, and may find what you have never imagined.”