A truly inspiring read!

Under the Magical Sky tells a refreshing story about love and hope, perfect for both kids and parents. With unique illustrations that draw the eye in a breathtaking manner, this book demonstrates the importance of new experiences, open-mindedness, and faith that all will end well. Ella and Leo’s journey and friendship shows that magic exists everywhere — one simply has to look around. A truly inspiring read!

Carolina Morais Liu, award-winning producer and filmmaker.

Exquisitely Conceived

Refreshing, original, engaging from beginning to end, and exquisitely conceived—for adults and children.

Dr. Jill Mellick, author of The Art of Dreaming and other books.

Full Of Positive Messages

This whimsical, exciting, and thoughtful book is full of positive messages about believing in one’s self, exhibiting kindness, and showing empathy – all expressed through gorgeous black-and-white illustrations that will get your child’s creativity flowing. The book is never overt about its message, making it so easy for children to lose themselves in the story and their own imagination. Since reading this with my child, we’ve enjoyed some moments talking about making new friends, being sensitive to understand one another, and having empathy for everyone’s unique challenges. I highly recommend Under the Magical Sky for creative minds and sensitive souls – young or old!

Sally D.

A Captivated Adventure

Under the Magical Sky is more than just a fairytale. The enchanting story about going on an unexpected adventure and learning more about new friends is a wonderful message about friendship, kindness and trust. The main characters, as well as the readers, learn that anything can be possible if you trust in your heart. The imaginative black-and-white illustrations are just as magical as the story, making Under the Magical Sky such a perfect book for creative little ones. My kids are always excited to relive Ella and Leo’s journey, and now we all can’t help but look at the beautiful starry sky every night.

Alicia M.

Filled with Magic

A delightful book, filled with magic and beautiful illustrations. Trusting from the heart is the most essential ingredient, and the principle that holds together the relationship between the two characters. My favorite part is when Ella and Leo climb together and then dance. Boys and girls (and parents) are bound to enjoy.

Stacey J.

A book that stays with you…

A story of love, trust, courage, and friendship. This is a book that stays with you even after you have turned the last page. I can’t wait to find out what happens next, since it ends with “to be continued.”

David B.